Making videos engaging.

Editable, real-time video transcription. Text embedded directly onto video and downloadable for any platform.
Easy peasy.

A subtitle editing tool for the new generation.

Video has defined entire industries, we now consume online content more than ever through watching Instagram stories to viewing influencers on Linkedin. Yet for decades we've been stuck with the same tools for adding captions to video. Say bye to clunky video editing tools and translators, Take 1 is a new beginning.
Real-time, on-the-go video transcription. Text is added to your video and available to download directly, quicker than you can say selfie stick.

Designed for everyone.

Using clunky tools, licences and programs are a thing of the past. Add high-accuracy, captions and subtitles easily and embedded on the video so they can always be seen, in just a few clicks.

Use on all your devices.

Wherever you may be – whether you’re taking the next selfie, filming your next cameo, or adding the finishing touches to a video interview before your next meeting, just upload direct from your device.

Upload from anywhere.

Manually uploading, transcribing, downloading closed caption files, and embedding to video is tedious and painful. We take out the manual work so you can focus on producing your content.

Add to any platform.

With Take1Video, you download the video directly. Upload to the platform of your choice, you own the video and who views it.

How it works

It's as easy as pie.





Directly drop your video file into Take1Video.

The magic of AI happens to transcribe your file.

Easily change your transcripts within the browser or app.

Subtitles are embedded onto the video. Ready to download and share on any platform.

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